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Certified Prosthetist, Danny Tatum recently completed the WalkAide System 2008 Training Course held in Anaheim, CA. The course covered how to operate the Functional Neuro Stimulator (FNS) primarily used for patients with drop foot, secondary to a stroke. The FNS sends an electrical signal through the anterior its own.

He also completed the Prosthetic Advances Training Course held in Sacramento, CA. The first segment presented was about the Bionic i-LIMB Hand created by Touch Bionics. The fundamental functional difference between the i-LIMB hand and other myo-electric type devices, is that the i-LIMB hand has five independent digits as oppose to the more traditional two point pinch. This hand actually has a thumb that rotates 110 degrees, and is as real to a human hand Mr. Tatum has seen in his 35 plus years in this business.

The second segment was to learn about the new micro processor knee on the market called the Plie’ MPC. Although the processor does not have as many functions as compared to a C-LEG, the great thing about the Plie’ MPC Knee is that it’s waterproof. Mr. Tatum quoted “It may not seem like a big deal but living in Hawaii and being around salt water it does make a difference.”

For our viewer’s that has any questions, or would like to know more about these products give us a call and ask for Danny Tatum.

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