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Insurance Filing
We are very willing to assist you in obtaining reimbursement from your insurance carrier as quickly as possible. We will fill out and file your insurance forms for you. Be sure to inform us of all insurances that you carry. Remember that the insurance company payments will be sent directly to you with YOUR NAME ON THE CHECK.

Please be advised that we will need the following information to submit a claim to your insurance carrier(s):
1) A valid Doctor’s Prescription with a diagnosis
2) Completed Patient Intake form
3) Insurance Cards and Identification to photo copy for our records

Some insurance carriers may require a prior authorization before any item(s) can be released; eligibility will be verified prior to providing services. Additional information may be required to process certain claims. Your insurance carrier does not guarantee payment until they receive the claim, verify coverage, and check deductibles. We will let you know as soon as we receive notification from your carrier. Please notify us immediately if there are any changes.

Insurance and Billing Information
Payment for all services rendered is the direct responsibility of the patient or his family regardless of insurance coverage. We do not accept nor do we generally receive payments from your insurance company. Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your health insurance carrier, not between this facility and the insurance company.

Confidential Medical Records
Your records are maintained in strict confidence. No information will be released to any individual or any insurance carrier without your signed consent. Your actual medical record is the property of this facility. Hawaii State law requires that the service provider must be the “keeper of the records.” Copies of the records will be supplied or a summary made and appropriate service fees charged when the request includes a properly signed release.

Credit Policy
All charges are due and payable at the time of service. A late payment (FINANCE) charge will be charged on all balances over thirty days after deducting “payments/credits.”

Custom made items can not be returned for refunds. Items used in conjunction with personal hygiene cannot be returned either. Nor returns after (7) seven days of purchase. No refunds can be issued on Saturday.

Payments may be made by personal check, cash, money order, or credit card (Mastercard, VISA).

Our Professionals
David R. Newton, COF, ROF, CPA/President
Randall L Pang, CP
Waylen Chock, CP

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